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Supertech Electronics is moving to a bigger workshop!

We are proud to announce that all of our hard work has helped Supertech purchase a much bigger and better repair factory. We have been in the same building for over 18 years. Finally its time to expand to our full potential with our new bigger, and much better repair factory.

This place is so new, some GPS devices and navigation apps don’t know where we are. If you know your way around the Gold Coast, take a look at the aerial photos we have taken to help you navigate to the new factory. You can find us in the brand new “Arundel Business Park”. This is where the old Colgate-Palmolive factory use to be located. It’s just off of Captain Cook Drive. Captain Cook Drive links Napper road to Brisbane road. We are right in the middle of those roads. It’s just a stone’s throw from the Bunnings in Arundel, and not to far away from Harbor Town shopping centre.

Please be patient while we are moving. It’s all hands on deck during the week of 12th October to the 16th October 2020. We have a lot to move and set up, so repairs will be on hold for that week. We may miss a few phone calls, but please help us and be patient. We will reply to your emails and phone system voicemails as soon as we can!

On the 19th of October 2020 we will be back up to speed with our repairs. They may be a backlog of repairs during that week, but we intend to get your repairs completed and back to you as efficiently as possible.

Our new address is 4/8 Distribution Ct, Arundel QLD 4214.

At the moment, some GPS and navigation apps do not show this street or area correctly. Our new factory in Distribution Court is at the end of Logistics Place in Arundel. After the 19th October, please send any repairs to the new address above. We will have redirections in place, but the wrong address may slow your repair down. If you are unsure of our new location, or need some help finding the new address, please give us a call for some more information on 1300 211 773.

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