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Supertech Electronics is an established repair company in Australia that specialises in the repair of factory OEM (original manufacturer) car stereo and audio systems, auto navigation, and auto media systems. Supertech has been repairing all brands and all models of factory car stereo systems since 1992.

Our experienced technicians and commitment to quality repairs will offer you unmatched warranty and support. Other repair companies try to copy our repairs systems, but we remain focused on leading the industry in the field of factory car stereo repairs.

Supertech Electronics has the knowledge and experience you can trust with customer support you can rely on. We have performed over 60,000 repairs in 25 years. Our company invests in the latest tools and specialised equipment available to help cost-effectively diagnose, test, and repair your factory car stereo system.

Supertech Electronics repair factory car stereo systems only. Specialising in this field sets us apart. We do not modify, we do not install new car stereo systems, we do not repair home or domestic Audio-Visual equipment. We are 100% focused on leading the industry for repairing Australian factory car stereo systems.

How Can Supertech Help Me?

Supertech Electronics can restore and repair your original factory car stereo system back to a fully working condition. A factory car stereo system is the audio system that was installed into the car by the original car manufacturer. This system can also be known as the OEM system (original equipment manufacturer). These systems we repair can be single or multi-CD players, CD stackers or changers, touch screen and LCD display units, car amplifiers, navigation and DVD drives, Bluetooth, phone, and hands-free modules.

Our highly skilled technicians with specialist equipment allow us to perform complex and component level repairs where possible to help reduce the environmental impact of E-waste and keep that money in your back pocket. We have an arsenal of specialist tools including scan and programming equipment, BGA repair systems, reflow ovens, ultrasonic baths, and many other test jigs to ensure the repair process is performed correctly and efficiently. Rest assured when you send your factory car stereo equipment to Supertech, it’s in safe hands with the best technicians and support crew Australia-wide!

Why Should I Repair?

The obvious answer is cost. We know you do not want to waste money. Neither do we! Your factory car system was built to a very high standard in the first place by a reputable manufacturer. Keeping your car stereo system in its original manufactured condition is very important for a good resale value.

We see many customers contact us just before they sell the vehicle to restore it back to a working condition. Most of these customers are surprised that the repair was quite cost-effective and a very simple process when dealing with us.

Don’t forget we offer a 1-year warranty on almost all of our factory car stereo repairs. Very few companies can confidently offer this same type of support backed by 25 years of establishment.

We repair all brands and all types of OEM factory car equipment back to working condition generally for a fraction of the cost of a new factory car stereo unit. Many car manufacturers like to make things difficult for you to replace by locking the car stereo to the vehicle with very annoying techniques like security codes, data mismatch, and VIN locking systems. They also like to make these systems very integrated into your car with steering wheel control, heads up dash information. Don’t forget the strange radio shapes and wiring systems that make it near impossible to replace.

We also see many people who contact us after they have bought second-hand units from the auto wreckers or recyclers with problems like VIN LOCKOUT, DATA MISMATCH, SECURITY CODE ERROR. Programming out these errors are generally hacks that we do not recommend. Why replace something that was working perfectly when we can repair your original equipment correctly and ensure no issues will arise next time your vehicle gets scanned by the dealer.

Your worst-case scenario with buying a second-hand unit is that you may have just bought one with the same problem. We see many repairs with the same faults, so that second-hand car stereo you just bought may be doing the same thing. We hear these unfortunate scenarios every week!  Common faults do exist, in many cases, this is how we can cost-effectively repair your car stereo.

Sometimes it is possible to put an aftermarket car stereo into your vehicle, but it’s not as simple as just buying a stereo and plugging it in. There are all sorts of additions that add to your cost including mounting or fascia kits, steering wheel controls, amplifier, or CAN wiring interfaces. Each one of these devices is an additional cost to your “I’ll just buy a cheap car stereo to fix it” theory. When you buy a cheap aftermarket car stereo you will have no or very little support if things don’t work the way they told you it would. Supertech Electronics does not support these aftermarket systems in any way. We fly the flag for the well-built factory car stereo systems!

Finally, remember we take all the guesswork out by repairing your original factory car stereo equipment. Once repaired by Supertech you simply plug back in your unit and are guaranteed it will work!

Am I Too Far Away for You to Help Me?

The best thing about our repair process is that in most cases we do not need your car. Car stereo systems are small and easy to pack into boxes. It’s not that difficult to get your repair to us.

We invest in vehicle-specific purpose-built test jigs for our workshop, so in most cases, we do not need your car to repair your unit. We have hundreds of videos on our YouTube channel helping to show you how to remove your car stereo from your car for free!

Around 90% of our repairs are received via courier or post. We have a fully automated online book-in system to ensure your equipment is in safe hands and you will be kept in the loop with our full repair process.

We link our car stereo removal videos to the repair information page, so all you need to do is start by Finding your repair