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Supertech Electronics is an experienced OEM Car Audio repair workshop based on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. Since 1992, we have had the experience of repairing thousands of stereos and giving joy back to car owners. To keep up to date with technology, our technicians have some of the latest tools available to be able to diagnose, test and repair factory car stereo systems.

As we specialise in what we do, this allows us to provide a high level of quality and service in repairing car radio systems.

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What does Supertech Electronics do?

We restore original factory car stereo systems back to working condition. A factory car stereo system is the audio system that was fitted to the car by the manufacturer. This can be your CD Stacker, LCD Display including the touch screen, Amplifiers, Navigation Drives, Bluetooth modules etc…

Our experience and skill allows us to perform component level repairs where required to restore functionality back. We are not scared to hit units with soldering irons and replace failed parts – this is the thing we enjoy to do! Replacing cracked touch panels, diodes, surface-mount components and even BGA chips are some of the things we do every day!

Why repair?

Mostly, cost. It’s just cheaper! Plus keeping your car original is important when selling a car. We see a lot of radios just before someone is about to sell their car. We repair stereos back to working condition for a fraction of what a brand new unit is worth! Plus, with most units either locked to the car or moulded to fit the dash, the radio will simply plug back in and work! Yes, it is possible to put an aftermarket radio in, but it’s not as simple as just buying a stereo and plugging it in. There are all sorts of additions that are required, mounting kits & fascia kits, interface boxes (steering wheel controls, amplifier retainers, reverse cameras etc..) – Each one of these is an extra cost on top of an aftermarket radio itself.

Wrecker units. Yes, they may fit your car, but most cars these days lock the components to a particular vehicle. This means that the radio you just spent a lot of money on comes up with “LOCKED” or something similar on the screen… bugger! Or even worse, it may have the exact same fault your original radio had! We see A LOT of stereos with common faults, Hyundai no-audio for example.

Not A local?

Ah! You could be living in the sunny Gold Coast where you just drop past our workshop and we could sort your stereo out! If it was only that easy… Not to worry! 80%-90% of the repairs we do, turn up in a box and then leave repaired in a box. So we can definitely help you out! This means the hardest part you will have would be to remove the radio and send it to us! Need a hand to remove? We have lots of how to remove videos on our website here – there’s a good chance we have a video with us showing you how to remove your stereo! We link the removal videos on repairs that we have recorded. All you need to do is start by Finding your repair