The process of getting your car stereo repaired

Are you ready to go with Supertech Electronics, the experts in factory car stereo repairs?

Please start by contacting us about your repair. Our preferred contact method is by filling out our online contact form so we can get the right information to accurately quote on your repair.

Now that you’re ready to send your factory car stereo to us on the Gold Coast for repair, fill out our online repair form below to send with your repair

Click here to fill out our online repair form!

Once our automated book-in system receives your repair information, it will automatically email you a form to pop in the box with your repair. Then you are ready to send your factory car stereo to Supertech Electronics to get it working again

Sending your repair to Supertech Electronics

The most common question we get asked is how to get your stereo to us for repair – Read on and this may answer your questions;
If you’re not fortunate enough to live on the Gold Coast Australia where you can come straight to our workshop, don’t stress, as the majority of the repairs, we perform turn up at our workshop in a box and leave in a box.  We are custom to this method.

Now to start the process; getting the stereo out of your car.  Here you have multiple options:

  • Remove it yourself (We are making Removal videos which you can find on our youtube channel or under your radio on our website)
  • Get a friend to remove the radio (Who know’s what they’re doing, or can follow along with our helpful remove videos)
  • Get your local Auto Electrician or Mechanic to remove the video

Once removed, gather a box with suitable size and plenty of packing material.  Don’t send your valuable stereo without any packing material and have it turn up in worse state then you sent it.  Wrap it well, if you have to use a larger box so you can pack it well.

Before sealing up the box to send to us, print out our repair form, fill out as best as you can. (If you can’t print out the form, that’s alright.  Just make sure you put something in the box with all your contact details so when it arrives we know who’s stereo it is – We receive a lot of boxes every day) Place the form inside the box with your stereo for repair, seal it up well and send it to us for repair.

How do I send my repair to Supertech Electronics?

Australia Post – Most repairs are sent through Australia Post. We haven’t had a problem receiving any repairs so it’s a way to go!
Couriers – Another option is by couriers (Couriers Please, Fastway Couriers etc..)

Once your stereo has been repaired back to working order we will repackage it using a new box and packing material.  Our preferred method of sending back is via Couriers.  We can also use Australia Post Regular/Express if required.

The typical return cost is around the $44 mark for new packing plus the postage cost, but depending on your location this may be different.  If you are unsure before sending you can contact us and we can give a rough idea on return postage.

Can I remove my factory car stereo?

Take a look at our YouTube channel

Yes, you can! Supertech has recodred hundreds of videos to help our customers easily remove your radio. 

Please click here to see the online videos available
Our only additional advice before you take to your dash in your car with all your tools is to WATCH THE WHOLE VIDEO and BE PATIENT when you are following our instructions. Feel free to also call us on 1300 211 773 if you get stuck. We have been removing factory car stereos for over 25 years.