Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions (Warranty Terms & Conditions) set out the ways in which Supertech Electronics Pty Ltd (ACN 634 451 933) (STE, we, us, our), guarantee our repair parts and workmanship. These terms & conditions have been prepared in compliance with the Australian Consumer Law (ACL). This information will help you understand how our special conditions and warranties apply to the goods we repair.

Where we refer to ‘website’ here it is a reference to www.electronicrepairs.com.au

These Terms & Conditions may be updated and any such changes will either be updated on our website or by email notice to you. This Terms and Conditions Policy was last updated on 7th July 2022


STE is registered in Queensland, Australia with Australian Company Number 634 451 933.

Our contact address is 4/8 Distribution Court, Arundel QLD 4217. Email: tech@ our website address above. This is electronicrepairs.com.au. This email address has been disguised only to stop unwanted automatic web detection of our address.

Repair Risks

Electronic components deteriorate over time and can fail without warning. Electronic repairs are unpredictable. Your device may be beyond repair or maybe permanently damaged during the repair process and rendered useless. All care is taken whilst repairing your device however, in the unlikely event that your unit suffers from further damage occurring during the repair process, STE accepts no liability.

Repairs on units with glued-on screens involve prying the screen to access internal components. Screens are very delicate and can crack or break during the prying process. We are highly experienced, the risk of screen breaking is minimal, but glass can break. This risk is not covered by STE.


Our pre-inspection quotes (verbal, phone, website or email quotes with no physical inspection) are based on previous repairs of similar models. If STE has given you a pre-inspection quote without physically inspecting your unit, the quoted price is only a suggestion. We endeavour to give you the most accurate estimation, and in most cases, our pre-inspection estimations are very accurate, but this service is not a price guarantee until our technicians have inspected the unit and confirmed the exact brand, model and reported fault.

If our pre-inspection quotes do not match our technician’s diagnosis, we will contact you with the correct price before we proceed with your repair. If you do not wish to proceed with the repair, our inspection process will incur an inspection fee of $140 per unit

If you require a formal written quote for your repair, we must physically inspect the unit and confirm the details and fault. This inspection process will incur an inspection fee of $140 per unit.

Estimate and Repair Time

We pride ourselves on the speed of our repairs, however many factors that determine the length of your repair are beyond our control. As such, we will attempt to service your device as soon as possible in the order it was received. We offer no promise on how long the repair will take. Any references to service times are our best estimates based on previous experience and are not meant to represent an exact time frame.


STE accepts no liability and responsibility for any special, indirect, or consequential damages or any further loss of any kind whatsoever resulting from the repair of your item. The customer’s sole and exclusive remedy and the limit of our liability for any loss whatsoever, shall not exceed the repair price excluding any payment surcharges paid by the customer for the service to which a claim is made.

This warranty is limited to the original customer only. It cannot be transferred or assigned to third parties unless the intent to transfer to a third party is expressly indicated in a purchase order and/or warranty-processing arrangements have been agreed upon in writing by STE.

We do not warrant any removal, installation, maintenance, or service of the repaired products not performed by STE, nor does it warrant the use of products with unapproved ancillary products.

All items repaired by STE are warranted to be free from defects in materials replaced and workmanship performed for (12) months. STE will correct any defects in material or workmanship of repairs that appear within twelve (12) months, from the calendar date of the original repair invoice.

Exceptions to the (12) months warranty are:

  • Diagnosis fees where no repair is carried out
  • Repairs where no parts are replaced and only an inspection fee was applied
  • Repairs were carried out using customer supplied parts
  • Repairs were carried out on equipment that has ingress of water or any fluid like substance.
  • Where stated on the invoice that the warranty period has been voided or changed

STE will not offer warranty on any faults that do not occur at the time of testing and diagnosis. The warranty only covers fault(s) repaired by the technician during the initial diagnosis and repair. Misuse, rough handling and damage including freight damage to and/or from STE will not be covered by our warranty. The warranty covers labour and invoiced parts supplied by STE only. If additional parts are required that were not originally replaced, there will be additional charges for these parts.

STE will repair any defective repair, provided that our analysis and/or inspection disclose that such defects have developed under normal and proper use.

This warranty does not cover liquid or particulate ingress, extreme temperature and humidity, misuse, neglect, accident or improper installation, or units that have been modified, altered, or repaired by anyone except STE unless otherwise stated in writing. If a product has been tampered with (e.g.; warranty seal has been removed, evidence of internal tamper, wrong cable has been plugged in), the warranty will be void. The warranty is a return-to-base warranty. Freight to STE is the customer’s responsibility. STE will organise freight back to the customer unless the customer originally organised their own return freight. A charge of $140.00 per unit, will be applied for testing any returned repairs which are not defective or has a void warranty.

STE will not accept responsibility for any invoiced goods or services that are not covered by a STE written purchase order. Under no circumstance does STE agree to pay for labour or any other related expenses associated with the removal, refit, troubleshooting and/or reprogramming of our repair without prior specific written authorization.

STE is not liable for any loss of data during the repair or servicing of your unit. We do not guarantee the recovery of any device/storage media. We recommend backing up your personal data and or removing all media and memory cards that are not essential to the operation of your system.


Our preferred method of payment is via credit card. All credit card payments incur a 1% surcharge. This includes VISA, VISA debit, MasterCard, and MasterCard debit. We do not accept AMEX as their surcharges are too high. If you don’t like paying surcharges, we can supply you with bank details for an EFT transfer. This process may take a little longer for funds to clear before we can send back your repair

Third-Party Payments – Payments are the responsibility of the primary contact of the repair. The primary contact of the repair can not be altered after the repair is received, so please be sure that the person who is paying the invoice is the primary contact of the repair. STE does not deal with third-party payers. If you are dealing with a third party (like an insurance company or a car dealer), it is the primary contact’s responsibility to forward all correspondence and the invoice to their payer for payment. STE will not follow up with third parties for correspondence, approval of quotes, or payments.

Release of goods– Equipment will not be released until full payment has been received.

Split Payments – We do not alter invoices or split repair costs over multiple parties.

Shipping Policy

All boxes received will be broken down, cut up, and disposed of the moment they are received. All packaging will also be disposed of. Please ensure you do not send any packaging (Such as towels, shirts etc..) that you would like returned.

Freight times are an estimation only and may vary depending on the freight company, your location, weight of the package and time of year (Such as Christmas Time)

We will send your unit back via the most time-efficient vs. cost-effective carrier that is presented to us at the time of packaging. Your unit will be bubble wrapped and packed into a new box for the journey back to you.

Once your unit is picked up by the courier, we cannot accept any liability for damage in transit or for any delays that may arise.

If you choose to organise your own freight, there will be a $22 packaging and handling fee applied to safely pack your unit(s)

Our warranty is a return-to-base warranty. Freight to STE is the customer’s responsibility. STE will organise freight back to the customer unless the customer originally organised their own return freight.

Abandoned Goods

The Disposal of Uncollected Goods Act 1967 covers inspection, custody, storage, repair and other treatment of goods. Under this Act, uncollected goods may be sold six months after the date on which they were ready for collection.


Due to our limited storage capacity, any repaired units that have been left for over 90 days after notification of assessment or completion (by phone, verbal or email) will incur a monthly storage fee of $44. After 6 months, we will consider your unit abandoned and attempt to sell your unit to recover repair costs and or storage fees.

Repairs & spare parts


User Generated Data

During the process of repair, some or all of your stored data may be lost. Please ensure that you have saved this data elsewhere prior to repair

Refurbished goods or parts

Goods presented for repair may be replaced by refurbished goods of the same type rather than being repaired. Refurbished parts may be used to repair the goods.