Factory car stereo repairs

Supertech Electronics is an Australian owned and operated electronic repair shop that specializes in factory car stereo repairs.  Our repairs are based primarily around factory car stereo systems. We started in 1992 when we noticed a lack of service and support for factory car audio systems. For the last almost 30 years, we have performed thousands of factory car radio repairs per year.  With this sheer amount of repairs, we have become very good at it!

Our mission is to be able to repair your stereo back to its original condition as well as saving you money from not having to replace the radio.

To get started on your factory car radio repair journey, browse below to the make of your car and click on the logo to view all the common systems we see.  If you don’t see your exact radio it doesn’t mean we can’t help. It just means we haven’t taken a photo and put up on our website.  Get in contact with us and we will do our best to assist

If you don’t see your car below this doesn’t mean we can’t help.  Either give us a call on 1300211773 or via our contact form and we can help