Ford Falcon EA EB ED Alpine Stereo Repair (#180)

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The Alpine Stereo that came out in the Ford Falcon EA EB ED was state of the art with its sound quality thanks to the external amplifier that ran the rear speakers and subwoofer.  However even though these units are quality, we are unfortunately seeing a few of these units for faults.   We still commonly see these units come in for repairs/restoration.

We have seen some common faults which mostly are contained to poor or no sound coming out, cassette tape playing issues or cassette loading problems, no display on the screen but everything else working.

Due to the age of these units, we class this repair as to more of a restoration.  That’s not saying it can’t be repaired, just it’s not an easy repair.

If you are having sound faults through all speakers there’s an extremely high chance the fault is located in the head unit.  If you’re only having issues with rear speakers the fault will reside in the external amplifier found in the rear of the car.

Common Faults/Issues
No Illumination. No Display. No Sound, Bad Sound, Cassette tape issues

Models Repaired

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The Repair Procedure

Ready to get your stereo repaired?   There are two possible steps;  read on

  1. Australia Wide – If you’re not a local to us
    Majority of our repairs turn up at our workshop in a box and leave in a box so we are custom to this method.  The method is usually as follows
    • Contact us by our contact form or by phone to answer any questions you may have with your stereo before sending or send away!
    • Getting the stereo out of your car.  You can get your local auto-mechanic or auto-electrician to remove your stereo, a friend or even take it out yourself!  We may have a removal video for your stereo.  
    • Pack your stereo in a box with plenty of packing material to protect it – It may have an issue but you still want it to turn up safe.  Make sure you have filled out our repair request form and place in the box.  If you are unable to print the form, fill out as much as you can on a piece of paper and put in the box.
    • Send it off to us, once arrived we book in and start the diagnosis/repair process.  From here we will be in contact along the repair process
    • Once repaired, tested and payment finalised we freight your unit straight back to you.
  2. Locals
    If you’re a local to us you can drop the Stereo off to our workshop if already removed from the car, or we can book a time for you to bring the car to us to have the Stereo removed.  Please call us on 1300 211 773 to confirm a booking.  Sometimes we can have an exchange unit available for on the spot repairs, otherwise, we would remove the radio from your car and set you on your way with your car minus the stereo for repairs.  

Don’t forget to print out the form! Click here to get the form

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Get a repair quote

Want some information? Call us on 1300 211 773 or fill out the form below to get in contact with us.  Please give as much information as you can and we will get back in touch.  You can also upload a photo if you like

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