Australia Wide Factory Car Stereo Repairs

Dont worry! We do pleny of interstate repairs

Not sure how to get your car stereo repaired through Supertech Electronics?

We repair factory car stereos for customers all over Australia. Getting your car stereo repaired from anywhere in Australia is easier than you think. We do it all the time an we have plenty of options to help you get your car stereo to Supertech Electronics.

Removing Your Factory Car Stereo For Repair

Removal Option 1 – Preferred Australian Dealer
Locate one of our Australia wide authorized dealers here. Our preferred dealers are our hand selected companies that can remove your factory car stereo. They also send it to us for repair. Once we complete the repair, we send it back to them and they contact you to arrange refitting your repaired unit.
Removal Option 2 – Find a Local
Find an auto electrician, car audio installer or mechanic.
Most auto electricians, car audio installers and mechanics are quite capable of removing your factory car stereo.
Removal Option 3 – Dr. Google! (If you are handy on the tools)
There are so many car stereo removal instructional videos on YouTube, there is a very high chance you will find removal instructions or video tutorials from Google or YouTube. Just remember to be patient and take your time. Call us on 1300 211 773 if you get stuck.

Sending your Factory Car Stereo to Supertech Electronics

If you are using a local auto electrician or car stereo installer for removal of your car stereo, maybe they have a courier service. Ask them if they could send it to us via their courier. East Coast Australia shipping should cost no more than $40, NT and Western Australia should cost no more than $60. These are also our approximate return shipping costs.
Fastway Parcel Connect – Best Option
Parcel Connect is a service by Fastway couriers that allows you to send and collect a parcel at any time that suits you via thier network of agents across Australia. The process is very simple. Just follow the steps on thier website and pay for the courier service via PayPal. This is our reccomended courier service and it costs a very similar amount to Australia Post. Click here for Parcel Connect
Australia Post - Slower Option
If you want to send your unit directly to us, Australia Post is fine but it takes around 7 to 10 days before we see it. If you do send via Australia Post, please make sure you pack it well in bubble wrap and in a box. Also make sure you have a tracking number. Australia Post have never lost a parcel, but they are very slow.
Let Supertech Arrange Pickup Through Temando or Parcel Connect
We can also arrange a pickup service using our couriers. Call us with your details so we can arrange a quote today!

Click on the link below to download a repair request form

Download Repair Request Form Download Repair Request Form